Kirloskar Pneumatic

It takes positive pressure to break boundaries and create solutions.

At Kirloskar Pneumatic, we believe in innovatively preempting the needs of our customers and staying far ahead of the curve. We collaborate and continually evolve our offerings to reflect the latest need gaps in the industry. What began as the manufacture of Air Compressors and Pneumatic Tools has now diversified into Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems, Marine HVACR, Process Gas Systems and Hydraulic Power Transmission machinery. With an enviable reputation for our Systems Engineering and Turnkey Project expertise as well as our sophisticated and high-tech products in every one of our product categories, we’re known around the world for our relentless and ever-evolving approach to customizing solutions for all our customers. With empathy at our core, we’ve built a number of joint ventures and partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies as well as unmatched expertise in adapting advanced products for the Indian environment.

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