Kirloskar Oil Engines

An unstoppable force, driving into the future.

Kirloskar Oil Engines is, in essence, a source of unstoppable energy for us as well as for all our customers. As manufacturers of power gensets, industrial engines and agricultural solutions in the form of diesel and electric pumps, we’re all about propelling the boundless dreams of all its customers. As a brand, Kirloskar Oil Engines is recognized around the world for its superior product quality and reliability, while, delivering unmatched safety and consistent performance. We are known for our service, as well as having one of the largest dealer networks in the country. With four state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India and a sizable presence in international markets, including Dubai, South Africa, Kenya, Indonesia and Nigeria; Kirloskar Oil Engines possesses a rich heritage in providing diverse engineering solutions around the world. While we enjoy being one of the leading players in the market, our ultimate validation comes from knowing that every product in our production line is relied upon by millions of honest, hardworking people around the globe. There are currently more than 2 million active engines humming away, a testament to our famed reliability and integrity.

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