It takes a will of steel to step into the future.

Modern India is built on a foundation of steel. There are limitless applications of steel from the smallest utensils to the largest bridges. An alloy of iron and carbon, steel manufacturing requires pig iron as a crucial input. Kirloskar Ferrous is proud to be the supplier of choice to numerous steel product manufacturers across the country. Steel production also requires compressed air to provide the blast air for the blast furnace. This is the most vital function in a steel plant and some of the biggest players in the industry depend on Kirloskar Pneumatic for its reliable application.

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Helping drive potential forward.

 Healing is the first step to unlocking potential.

Powering our way through open waters.

An untapped resource is potential that must be realized.

Protecting a country requires constant evolution.

Feeding the potential of a nation.

Building the foundations of the future, brick by brick.

Helping feed the dreams of millions.

Values help manufacture success.