Protecting a country requires constant evolution.

Serving our country has always been an honour for us. Finding new and innovative ways to power the future of India is always at the top of our minds. Our diesel engines and DG sets are project-specific and are built to withstand a wide variation in operating conditions like ambient temperature, altitude and terrain. Kirloskar Oil Engines provides diesel engines that power the radar, missile and communication systems of the Indian Defence’s land-based applications. We also manufacture Marine DG Sets that are used for both auxiliary power generation as well as emergency applications onboard ships. Our Marine Engines and DG Sets are prominently supplied for Indian Naval Ships and Indian Coast Guard Ships.

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 Healing is the first step to unlocking potential.

Feeding the potential of a nation.

An untapped resource is potential that must be realized.

Helping feed the dreams of millions.

Helping drive potential forward.

Building the foundations of the future, brick by brick.

Powering our way through open waters.

Values help manufacture success.

It takes a will of steel to step into the future.