Helping drive potential forward.

We impact almost every aspect of automobile manufacturing. Kirloskar Oil Engines builds the engines that power a whole host of vehicles in the construction sector. Kirloskar Ferrous produces the Cylinder Blocks and Head castings for engines used in cars made by some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers. Kirloskar Ferrous also produces the pig iron and steel that goes into making cast iron that actually forms the engines used in these cars. Kirloskar Pneumatic makes tools that help create the lightweight metals and composites that are used in today’s cars. The compressed air provided by Kirloskar Pneumatic also touches pretty much every process in the auto industry, from engine construction to vehicle assembly and painting.

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It takes a will of steel to step into the future.

Protecting a country requires constant evolution.

 Healing is the first step to unlocking potential.

Helping feed the dreams of millions.

An untapped resource is potential that must be realized.

Building the foundations of the future, brick by brick.

Powering our way through open waters.

Feeding the potential of a nation.

Values help manufacture success.