Helping feed the dreams of millions.

At Kirloskar, not only are farmers our most important customers, but they’re also the customers who most depend on us. Entire generations of farmers have relied on us and continue to depend on Kirloskar diesel engine pumps to irrigate their fields. They bet their livelihoods on us and we never disappoint. Kirloskar Oil Engines also contributes the engine to tractors and combine harvesters, two of the most important tools at their disposal. Kirloskar Ferrous’ castings provide solid and reliable parts for tractors while the pig iron supplied is used to make cast iron which is a robust long-lasting material perfectly suited to pumps, motors and tools.

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Powering our way through open waters.

An untapped resource is potential that must be realized.

Values help manufacture success.

 Healing is the first step to unlocking potential.

Protecting a country requires constant evolution.

Feeding the potential of a nation.

It takes a will of steel to step into the future.

Helping drive potential forward.

Building the foundations of the future, brick by brick.